Detroit began the series as underdogs, but when they found themselves in the drivers seat, analysts and fans alike expected them to finish the job in Motown. The Red Wings came painfully close from sending the Blackhawks home, but Chicago rebounded in the third period and scored three goals in a bit over 10 minutes.

Match: Chicago vs Detroit

Bet: Chicago

Odds: Unibet 1.75

The Blackhawks resurgence pushed the series into a decisive game and all they need to do right now is to put up another dazzling offensive display. Chicago scored four times in each of their victories and limited their opponents to an average of two goals per game. These results remind hockey fans of the fantastic manner in which the Blackhawks began the regular season and reignites enthusiasm about their chances of winning the Stanley Cup.

Corey Crawford didn’t play his best game in Detroit and was responsible for conceding an early goal, but in the end deflected 35 of the 38 shots sent towards his net. His teammates were much more precise and scored four times despite shooting just 28 pucks at Jimmy Howard. Things are expected to look very different in Chicago where the home team plays much more aggressively and the Red Wings will be hard-pressed at containing Patrick Kane and Jonathan Toews. They did a fairly good job in Detroit, but despite preventing these players from scoring, four others rose to the challenge.

BetPal Tip:

Losing the seventh game in front of their fans after recovering from a 3-1 deficit would be a disaster for Chicago and fortunately for them an unlikely scenario. Punters won’t receive odds higher than the 1.75 offered by Unibet, but this is the fair value for a victory in regulation time.