Chicago prevailed in the opening game of the series, but they needed three overtimes to score the decisive goal and this is not something they want to repeat in Game 2. Boston will throw everything they’ve got to level the score, as they can’t afford to return home two games down.

Match: Chicago vs Boston

Bet: Chicago

Odds: Unibet 2.15

Andrew Shaw was the man of the match for scoring the winning goal 12 minutes into the 3rd overtime, but he also made an assist at Dave Bolland’s second goal. Patrik Kane is yet to prove his worth in this series but past performance suggests that he will come out firing when his team will need him most. For the time being, the Blackhawks are happy to have several players adding their names on the scoreboard.

The hosts were not particularly effective at scoring but were persistent and shot 47 pucks at the net defended by Rask. Outscoring the Bruins is not an easy thing to do but Chicago did it and denied the visitors a chance to take an early lead in the series. Boston scored the first goal and after their opponents leveled the score, got two more pucks by Corey Crawford then focused on defending the lead once again. If the Bruins are to win a precious away victory, they will need to shift into a more aggressive gear and play with the same determination that saw them sweeping the Penguins.

BetPal Tip:

This is not going to be an easy game for Chicago and the best proof is that bookmakers have slightly increased the odds for a home victory. Unibet has the best ones at 2.15 for a regulation time victory, an excellent choice for bold punters who don’t fear the looming threat of overtime.