Two of the Original Six teams meet once again in the final act of the Stanley Cup, with Chicago having home ice advantage in the opening game. The Blackhawks need to draw some lessons from what happened to Pittsburgh and deny Boston the chance to take an early lead.

Match: Chicago vs Boston

Bet: Chicago

Odds: William Hill 2.10

The Blackhawks were more clinical in the conference finals and didn’t allow LA Kings to push the series into a decisive game seven. They know all too well how difficult it is to win against a highly determined opponent when everything hangs on a thread. Luckily for them, Chicago found a way to interrupt the Kings invincibility at home and finished them off at United Center. Now they are pit against a fast team who is known for sending a hail of shots at the opponents’ net, while being very effective in the defense.

It is a deadly combination that sent the Penguins to the rail despite the fact that at least on paper they had the better players. The Bruins are fast, accurate and play as a real team whereas Pittsburgh was revolving mostly around its captain Sidney Crosby. Despite the formidable manner in which Boston dealt with the winners of the Eastern conference, it is worth keeping in mind that the Blackhawks won the President’s Trophy awarded for the team with the most wins in the regular season.

BetPal Tip:

Chicago needs to win the opening match of the series and they have the players, experience and home ice advantage to do it. William Hill offers the best odds for a home victory, with 2.10 being slightly below what punters hope for but well in line with what was expected.