Nothing can change dramatically in group B where Schalke and Arsenal are already qualified in the European spring and the only question is which team will win the group. The British side has suffered a defeat this weekend in front of its fans, and should at least in theory, push for victory in Greece. The problem is that history is against them and the conflict between fans and management is only amplifying the pressure. Add to this the fact that most players are in poor form, and you’ve got the recipe for disaster in Athens.

Match: Olympiakos vs Arsenal

Bet: Olympiakos

Odds: Bet365 2.20

Arsene Wenger is hard pressed to deliver convincing results in the foreseeable future, but his main concern is not to win group B. Arsenal stands on the 10th place in the Premier League, 15 points behind the leading Manchester United and this situation is simply unacceptable for a club with high ambitions. Winning away at Olympiakos would boost their morale but the odds are stacked against them to win the group because Schalke is likely to defeat Montpellier as well.

It comes as no surprise that the visitors will once again rely on a squad that is made mostly of young players who have a lot to prove, but lack experience at high level. The Greeks are already qualified for Europa League but they look forward for any opportunity of showcasing their strength against a top British team. Wenger came out with rather bold statements claiming that his team will push for victory, but the truth is that the visitors would gladly settle for a draw.

BetPal Tip:

The most likely scenario for tonight is a home win, and even the bookmakers seem to agree on the fact that Arsenal is not going to give everything on the field. Both teams have accomplished their goals in group stage and now they only fight for glory, something that means much more for the Greeks. In all five previous confrontations, the home team won, frequently by at least two goals.