This weekend is loaded with derbies and major confrontations take place all over Europe, presenting punters with numerous betting options. Ladbrokes provides them with an extra incentive, by awarding bigger odds and returning the stakes to those who happen to lose. The most popular promotion goes by the name of European Treble and just as the name suggests, will boost the odds of three distinct games from three major championships.

Barcelona, Rome and Juventus will be all playing tonight and they’re expected to win, with the only shortcoming being that the odds for this outcome are relatively low. At Ladbrokes, players will have the value bumped to 10/3 if they are willing to add all three games on the same betting slip. If the three favorites win, they will collect twice as much as they would had they placed a regular bet.

Those who are not convinced or attracted by continental championships and would rather focus exclusively on the Premier League have two distinct options. New members will benefit from odds of 4/1 for both Chelsea and Manchester City to prevail, up to a maximum bet of €10. The match between Liverpool and Crystal Palace is far less exciting, but those who wager on this game will have good reasons to watch how it unfolds. Ladbrokes is willing to offer odds of 8/1 for sterling to be the first goalscorer and both new and existing members are eligible for this promotion.