The rumors were in since January 17, when someone won the Mega Fortune €2.7 million jackpot, but the name of the online casino remained the mystery. Progressive jackpots are pooled across ample networks and several gambling operators participate so competition is intense. Now we have an answer for those who were wondering where the jackpot winner plays and it is Casumo casino.

Casumo proved to be a very lucky casino throughout 2015, with hundreds of players winning jackpots of all sorts. It doesn’t happen too often for someone to win nearly €3 million, so the news spread quickly and details are still surfacing. Perhaps not surprising, the winner chose to play the Touch version of the Mega Fortune jackpot game, as it was recently made available for smartphones and tablets.

The game runs smoothly on all sorts of mobile devices powered by various operating systems and welcomes players from all over Europe. The winner apparently resides in the United Kingdom and he won the seven digit amount with a tiny investment of only €5. We don’t know yet whether this is a veteran player or a beginner who struck lucky, what matters the most is that a small bet can result in a life-changing amount.

The winner announced his intention to share the winnings with his family and friends, while keeping a difficult chunk for investments. A glamorous vacation will surely follow and he also contemplates the possibility of investing in houses, for enhanced stability.