Betzest casino is a brand new casino set for a 2017 release date!Betzest

This casino is very much aiming to break new ground when it launches in just a couple months time and so be prepared for loads of great promotions and a fantastic service.

In such a time as we live in now, where the competition for online casinos is at an all time high, you expect the most from a new launch and from what we know so far that is exactly what Betzest aim to provide. Watch this space because Betzest may be the perfect casino for you.

Bonuses and Rewards

For now, we do not know much about the full details behind the promotions that will be on offer at Betzest. However, we all know that right now every betting site out there promises massive bonuses for its new players, and Betzest will be no exception. Betzest have the added challenge of being all new and thus, wil need to build a good player base and so will be sure to set the mark with it bonuses for new players. They would then be inclined to start as they mean to go on and so as the time passes this should recur!

It already seems that there will be a very generous VIP reward scheme for its best players which promises special rate multipliers for its top tier players winnings, as well as a personal account manager tailored completely for you. We are sure to see in the coming months more details about this sites promotions but already they sound very appealing indeed.

Games Selection

At Betzest it appears the main focus will be on Sportsbook, this is perfect news for all you out there who fancy yourselves as a bit of a Sports buffs. They will be offering some of the most niche sport betting options from every sport you could possibly hope to find, so whatever your game you are definitely in the right place here!

Although, if you are a casino fan you are not going to miss out either!  All their games will be powered by some of the best providers out there and they should all be state of the art, fantastic quality and have dozens of cool features for you to benefit further. They will offer dozens of slots and table games and you will definitely be able to find something for you whatever you like to play.

Mobile Casino

Being a new casino in the modern age, they will fully understand that nowadays everyone has a phone, and what is more, people like to get things done on the go, especially betting! With sports betting, things can change from minute to minute and so mobile betting is imperative to a great service! As such, we are sure to expect a  superb mobile betting option for Betzest!

Customer Support

Another thing that people now expect as standard in the modern age is the ability to get problems solved quickly and efficiently. Betzest will also understand this so you can expect a comprehensive customer support service and you should be able to contact them by e-mail, live chat or phone, whenever you need them!

Deposits and Withdrawals

You can never be too safe online and so Betzest will make sure you have complete peace of mind. You will therefore able to fund your account via various safe deposit options or directly from your bank, whichever is easiest for you.


Betzest may be new to game but it will understand this and therefore, will know that it needs to perform if it wants to compete with the big boys. As such, you should expect a service like none other and that Betzest will be attempting to beat the rest and be the best, so watch out for these guys if you want to try something new and exciting!