This winter might not be the coldest ever, but it is still far from the high temperatures that most casino players are dreaming about. Casino Room can feel their pain and that’s why it makes a tempting proposition to all those who would rather be on a beautiful beach in the Caribbean. A lucky winner will get to take his or her friend on exclusive cruise around the beautiful islands, as a part of the newly revealed ‘World Tour’ promotion.

The name of this campaign speaks for itself and the online casino plans on making 2016 truly memorable for its members. This is just the first of and many more luxurious voyages will be won in the remaining months, but players are invited to take it one step at a time. In total, six players will win the first prize, so you’ve got multiple chances to set sail to the Caribbean and escape the cold winter.

Casino Room which is only the best to his players and that’s why it won’t try to cut down on costs when it comes to preparing for this great vacation. The winner will receive two tickets and the departure point is set for Miami, where they will embark on the luxurious Oasis of the Seas cruiseliner. This massive ship has a golf course, a theater, 25 restaurants, a casino and dozens of bars where players can spend some quality time en route to their destination.

The fact that the winners are provided with an all-inclusive package means that they don’t have to worry about spending a dime out of pocket. You can enjoy the best things in life without worrying about money, so it virtually impossible not to enjoy your stay. The promotion has started on January 1 and will conclude two weeks later, so we are basically half way through and players should sign up quickly.