The Champions League and Euro 2016 qualifiers had a detrimental effect on domestic championships and national leagues. Now that both competitions are on break, Premier League clubs will be trying to secure a place in the quarterfinals of the League Cup. All of them play tonight and tomorrow and bookmakers credit them with the first chance to prevail, while presenting members with tempting opportunities to boost their profits.

With the odds for the Premier League clubs to win being relatively low, members who have an account with Ladbrokes should check out the Enhanced Treble campaign. By betting on Liverpool, Chelsea and Rangers all to win they benefit from odds of 7/2, up from 3/1. If you prefer to back exclusively on the match between Chelsea and Shrewsbury you should know that the odds for Schurrle to score first were bumped to 11/2 up from 9/2.

The same match enjoys the undivided attention of Betfair, which offers odds of 4/1 for Chelsea to win, which is much better than the industry standard. This campaign only applies to new customers, but they also get their money back if they lose, which makes it a win-win situation. Just as tempting is to wager on both Chelsea to beat Shrewsbury, Liverpool to outshine Swansea and Derby to prevail against Fulham at odds of 6/1.