Five days of rest were regarded as a godsend for Boston and St. Louis who competed in exhausting series with as little as one day of rest. The winners of both conferences have made it to the World Series and in no more than seven games, one of them will lift the most prestigious trophy in baseball.

Match: Boston vs St Louis

Bet: St Louis

Odds: Winner Sports 2.05

The Red Sox prevailed in six games and denied Justin Verlander a chance to play for his team in the decisive game. They faced some of the best starting pitchers in the game in the previous series and emerged victorious, something that says a great deal about their offensive prowess. Although David Ortiz and Dustin Perdoia delivered mixed results in the playoffs, they are a perpetual and very real threat for the Cardinals in the first game they play at Fenway Park.

The hosts’ will be particularly vulnerable in the first couple of innings, when their pitcher starts with the second chance against Adam Wainwright. St. Louis sends its ace on the mound for the opening game after a busy schedule that pushed him one or two positions back in the rotation. Adam has a better earned run average and a much more convincing performance in the playoffs than Jon Lester, who was more or less carried by his teammates in both starts against Tampa Bay and Detroit.

BetPal Tip:

This is going to be a highly contested series and the fact that the Red Sox have home pitch advantage in four games could tip the balance in their favor. If the Cardinals are to offset this handicap, they need to win one match away from home and they have the best opportunity in the opening game, when the odds offered by Winner Sports stand at 2.05.