The men’s event in Umag is probably not going to get a lot of attention this week, but that certainly doesn’t mean that there aren’t going to be any interesting opportunities for bettors that are willing to back relatively unknown players against some of the bigger names.

Match: Borna Coric vs Horacio Zeballos


Source: Marc Di Luzio @ Flickr

Selection: Borna Coric

Best Odds: 5.00 @ Paddy Power

Even a short glance at the schedule reveals a couple of such matches, but the one that should really stand out for any serious punter is the one that features Borna Coric and Horacio Zeballos. The vast majority of casual tennis fans has probably never heard about Borna Coric, but the truth is that he is a pretty decent player who seems to have plenty of talent in his locker.

He is still very young and this will be a huge opportunity for him to get out there and show everyone that he might be the future of Croatian tennis, so there are basically two scenarios that can unfold on Tuesday. He might get out there and get everything right – or he might get out there, become incredibly nervous, and lose without putting up any resistance.

It is hard to say which of the two scenarios is going to happen, but there is every chance that it is going to be the first one and that the local crowd will be able to celebrate yet another big victory for the young talents in Umag. Horacio Zeballos, the world’s number fifty-eight, is hardly an unbeatable player these days, with his recent record being as poor as it could possibly be – and there is nothing that would suggest that he is set to turn things around on European soil.