Hungary caused the first upset in the quarterfinals by sending home the team that won all the games in group A, and booked a place into the semifinals. Iceland’s luck finally ran out and following a string of narrow margin victories, they lost in overtime and failed to set up an epic clash with Denmark or Sweden.

No room for friendship between neighbors

The two Nordic teams need to address their first half problems if they are to move further and play for a medal against Hungary. Denmark started very slowly in recent games, but picked up traction in the second half to cover the gap and got away with narrow victories. Sweden on the other hand proved less resilient and that’s why they had to settle for the first place in group A and only three victories out of five games. Tonight they are regarded as underdogs, and will need to fight hard to prove the critics wrong.

Most of the pressing issues that need to be solved right away can be found in the defensive area, and Denmark is one of the teams that can easily exploit any gaps. Except for the match against Croatia which was lost by 11 points, Denmark dominated their opponents and even defeated Hungary. In order to repeat that performance, they need to overcome their neighbors and the odds of 1.40 confirm the fact that they have the first chance. It is worth taking small chances by betting on the favorites to cover the -2,5 spread, given the fact that Bet365 is very generous and offers odds of 2.00.

Merely a formality for Croatia

Croatia emerged as the favorite to win the Men’s Handball competition following an impressive display of skill and tenacity in group B. Their confrontation with Tunisia is nothing more than a formality, a match that counts only for statistics, because there is literally nothing that can happen here. Their opponents barely scrapped enough points to advance from group A and the only teams that they’ve beaten are Argentina and Great Britain.

A spread of -7,5 points is not that difficult to cover for Croatia, but it is just as tempting to bet on more than 50,5 points to be scored. Bet365 doesn’t make the decision any easier for punters by offering the same odds of 1,90 but both opportunities are worth exploring. By betting on both events on different betting slips, punters will perform a rather basic hedging strategy, because the risk of both bets to end out of the money is slim. If Tunisia fails to find its way to their opponents net and the game totals bet fails, then Croatia will surely cover the spread with ease, and vice versa.