Betting introductory offers – with rivals firms all eager to sign up new customers, there are a whole range of betting sign-up offers. We compare betting bonuses so you can make an informed choice when signing up with an online bookmaker.

Best Introductory Offers

These offers are your best choice today :


For those potential customers thinking about opening a new betting account, there are many factors to consider. The relative merits of each firm are available via our bookmaker reviews – but what about the strengths and weaknesses of the current best betting introductory offers? This article aims to highlight some of the better deals, and note the subtle differences in each offer so that our readers can compare the betting bonuses that are currently available.

What to consider with each introductory offer

There are more factors to be considered when comparing betting bonuses, than simply the size of the offer. For example what form does the bonus come in? Free bets may interest some punters, but the flexibility of a ‘deposit match‘ bonus may be of more value to another new account holder. Likewise, any restrictions may make the bonus irrelevant or useless to certain people – for example, if all the free bets apply only to golf markets, but the customer wishes to bet on football, those free bets go to waste. Our overviews of the betting introductory offers currently available, are written to provide all the information necessary in order to make the correct choice about a new account. The best firm for some punters might be the one that offers no sign up bonus at all.

Betting Introductory Offers Paddy Power

Paddy Power Offers

Paddy Power offer a very simple sign up incentive. They will match the first bet on the account, up to a value of £50 with a bet of equivalent value. The stake of the free bet will not be returned in the event of it being successful, so if the maximum free bet was placed on a selection at 2/1 (3.0), and won, the account would be credited with £100, rather than £150. The qualifying bet and the free bet must both be placed on selections that are bigger odds than 1\2 (1.5).

Betfair Offers

Betfair give an introductory offer in two parts. Firstly, there is a ‘matched’ refund on the first bet, should it lose, up to a value of £20. The second part of the offer then revolves around ‘Betfair points’ which operate as a form of loyalty scheme. Points are awarded based on the commission paid (these points are accumulated whether the bet wins or loses). 10 pence of commission earns 1 point. For the first 30 days of the account being opened, these points are added up – and the normal Betfair points ‘decay’ pBetting Introductory Offers Betfairolicy is ignored (This is where inactivity on an account will lead to a reduced points total). At the end of the 30 days, points are totalled, and cashback is paid into the account, up to a maximum of a staggering, £1000. The cashback awarded is based on points accumulated on a sliding scale; 100 to 249 points earns cashback of £10, 250 to 499 points earns £20 – and so on, up to a maximum of 50,000 points netting the full £1000.

Pinnacle Betting Introductory Offers?

Pinnacle take a unique stance in the world of bookmakers. They offer no introductory offer, and instead rely on their distinct position in the gambling market, where they welcome winning punters, and will never cap stake size. Pinnacle operate the lowest margins in the betting industry, and instead prefer to try and earn their profit from encouraging a large volume of betting across their books – 2% of a huge amount is more profitable than 10% of a little – that is their ethos. They also offer a “Bonus for life” – which is their boast of offering consistently better prices than any of their rivals. This is made possible by the smaller margins they operate. Given their superior odds anCompare Betting Bonuses Pinnacled the fact that they positively encourage winning customers, Pinnacle should be an attractive choice for bettors who are looking to take their betting seriously, and want to be successful long term.