Football fans have plenty to look forward to this year with the 2015 African Cup of Nations, being one of the highly anticipated events. The competition is right around the corner, so it comes as no surprise that Betfair chose the second half of January to announced its King of Africa promotion. The name of this campaign says a great deal about what awaits players, but there is more than meets the eye about it.

Those interested should deposit a minimum amount of €50 in the casino section before January 29 and predict the winner of the competition. By doing so, they will be eligible for 20 free spins which also need to be wagered on one of the slot machines and an extra €10 as a free sports book wager. It comes as no surprise that this free bet is subject to the standard rules and only the profits made as a result of using it will be credited back to the accounts of winning players.

Each player can participate in this campaign just once and it is imperative to make the prediction and the qualifying deposit before the deadline. A single prediction is allowed and once it is submitted, members can no longer change it or send a new one. The winners will receive the free bet as well as the 20 free spins on February 9, so they don’t have to wait too long to receive what is rightfully theirs.