Betfair have reopened their reward chest which provides cash back to regular customers. Each bet earns Betfair points, and at the end of the promotion, a cash reward will be credited back to each account.

Betfair Reward ChestBetfair have reopened the Reward Chest, so customers can expect a useful cash reward at the start of June. The promotion runs between 15th May 2013 and 2nd June 2013. Betfair points are awarded based on commission – and implied commission. So points will be awarded on losing bets, as well as winners. Each 10p worth of commission means one Betfair point, so a £20 winning bet paying 5% commission will earn 10 points (5% commission = £1, or 10 x 10p). A £10 losing bet will still collect 5 points – even though no commission was actually paid by the losing player.

These Betfair points all count towards a cashback value at the end of the promotion. The value of the cashback starts at £3 for 100 points, but accelerates quickly (for example 200 points is £10). New customers are eligible, so why not get involved and take advantage of the reward chest – and the sign up bonus?