Betfair Price Rush is the latest development from the UK’s leading betting exchange. It is a method of improving the liquidity in the majority of their main markets and improves the chances of matched bets for lay-bettors.

Betfair boost prices via the Sportsbook

Betfair Price RushPrice Rush pumps more money into the Betfair Exchange. So Lay-bettors are likely to have their lay bets matched more often.

The way it works is this: every time a Sportsbook bet is placed, Betfair checks the Exchange for higher odds. If better odds are available, they’ll automatically be given on the Sportsbook.

Price Rush is currently available on selected markets on Football, Horse Racing, Tennis, Golf and Basketball – with in-Play markets to be added soon.

Betfair Price Rush set to grow

Liquidity is crucial for the betting exchanges, and this functionality will certainly increase the likelihood of getting lay bets matched. The expansion into in-play markets will also have a big impact in an already thriving area of exchange betting.

Although the Price Rush feature only appears to benefit lay bettors initially, increased betting volumes will ultimately help backers too, as busier markets attract more activity in general. It is an exciting change for Betfair, and one which looks set to grow. This is the first link between the exchange and the sportsbook operation, but more will follow.

Betting Exchange Innovation

Betfair share price boostedFrom the moment Betfair came into being as one of the first person to person betting exchanges in 1999, they have continued to innovate.

They were the first betting firm to offer the ‘cash out’ function. This offers customers the ability to cash in bets early. This could be to either take a profit, or to cut losses.

Betfair were also one of the first firms to introduce live streaming. The unique way that the exchange worked, then led to in play betting. This is an area of betting which has since mushroomed.

More recently however, traditional bookmakers have begun to fight back and the exchanges are not the dominant force they once were. Hence Betfair opening a Sportsbook operation, which operates exactly as a traditional bookmaker.

The Betfair Price Rush is the latest development from the firm, and while it will not have the impact that the cash out function has, it is an exciting link between the exchange and the Betfair Sportsbook.