Betfair Everywhere ApplicationNot for the first time, Betfair have caused a major stir in the gambling community, and attempted to steal a march on traditional bookmakers via some new software. The recently unveiled ‘Betfair Everywhere‘ application promises a ‘revolution’ in online betting, but what lies behind the hype?

Betfair Everywhere Overview

The Betfair Everywhere software application is an add-on which is currently only available to use on the Google Chrome internet browser. That limitation aside, it offers some great benefits to customers, simplifying the research and betting process, and enabling better tracking of bets – particularly useful when betting in-running.

Once downloaded, the user can select the websites on which they want the add-on to work. Typically, these will be the sites of rival bookmakers, but it can be used on any site. Betfair Everywhere then allows the user to simply hover over a particular betting market or sports team, and the live Betfair odds will be displayed in a smaller pop-up window (See image below).

Compare Betfair Odds

Betfair Everywhere SoftwareOdds can then be compared at a glance. The application highlights fixtures and teams which link into markets on the exchange (These highlights can be seen in the screen shot above) – if this highlighting becomes a nuisance, individual websites can be toggled on and off with a single click, allowing the page to be viewed as normal.

Benefits of using the Betfair Software

If having viewed the odds, the user wishes to make a bet, one click will add the selection to a Betfair betslip which is available from a small Betfair icon added in the top right corner of the browser window. The add on still allows all the usual benefits of the exchange, so odds can be adjusted and the stake entered.

The software effectively gives the user access to Betfair prices while they are browsing other sites on the web. While the primary use will be comparing Betfair odds to other bookmakers, the function can also be used on any site, so if the user is used to analysing records or getting the latest sports news from a particular website, Betfair Everywhere can be setup there too. Users then have the ability to track their bets while continuing to browse the internet.

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