The best part about betting on American sports is that even when major leagues are in recess, other competitions are in full swing. Whether you prefer to bet on NFL, MLB, NHL, NBA or college sports, you are eligible for a 50% Parlay Bonus at Bet365.

This promotion makes it possible for players to significantly increase their investment, as long as they need some minimal prerequisites. All you need to do is to have a parlay featuring two or more games on the same betting slip, with each new addition resulting in the bonus being further increase. By betting on the Spread, Run Line, Puck Line, Game Totals, 1st and 2nd Half Point Spread, 1st and 2nd Half Totals and Money Lines, players can win significantly more with each successful wager.

The smallest bonus starts at 5% and it increases in increments of 5%, for each new event added, with the best return on investment being a massive 50% bonus. You will need to wager on 12 different US sports to claim the maximum amount, but with no minimal odds to worry about, you can choose those matches that you consider to be safe.

In the event that one game is voided or postponed, the percentage at which the profits are matched is recalculated, by subtracting 5%. Players will be particularly careful when betting on only two events, because if a match is canceled for whatever reason, the parlay ceases to exist and no bonus will be issued.