One of the most important matches in Major League Baseball is the All-Stars game, with some of the best players in the league going head-to-head. The American League is looking for its first victory in four years, after their opponents from the National League limited them to two runs in three games.

Match: American League vs National League

Bet: American League

Odds: Winner Sports 2.00

Many baseball enthusiasts regard the All-Stars game as the ultimate pitchers’ duel, because both conferences are sending in the best starting pitchers. The National League has some remarkable players in its rotation and it comes as no surprise that they’ve limited their opponents to no more than one run per game in the previous two encounters. The name of the starting pitcher is yet to be revealed, but unlike a regular game where the starting one pitches deep into the match, in the All-Stars game he gets replaced.

Since last year, the difference between the two leagues has diminished, with the American League improving its hitting unit. The New York Yankees and the Red Sox are providing some of the hottest bats in MLB, but the pleasant surprise comes from the Western division. Texas, LA Angels and the surprising Oakland Athletics are leading the standings with plenty of runs scored in 2013 and their contribution to the American League team could make the difference.

BetPal Tip:

The outcome of the All-Stars game is always difficult to predict, but this season it is going to be profitable to back the underdog. Winner Sports offers odds of 2.00 for the American League to bring their opponents winning streak to a screeching halt.