There is finally an online slot based on the excellent Aliens movie. Plenty of well-known brands are set to make their arrival onto the scene of online slot gaming this year – and it’s good to know that we can already kick things off with Net Entertainment’s exciting release of a slot machine that will please everyone who has enjoyed the cult Aliens franchise that is still as popular as ever.

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GraphicsAliens Online Slot

The storyline will see you embark on a mission to reach and destroy the notorious Queen Hive. It’s therefore hardly surprising that aliens of all kinds are what you’re going to see on the symbols, with the more dangerous aliens carrying higher values than the smaller – but hardly less fearsome – ones. The overall design is really slick and the innovative 3D graphics are more than just a notch above what we’re currently used to in online slot gaming. We are definitely impressed – and so will you, as this really is the true cinematic experience that we’ve been hoping for.

Game Features

At first glance, the Aliens slot game might look just like your standard 5-reel, 3-row and 15-line video slot, but looks are as deceiving as they can possibly be when it comes to the Aliens online slot. Your mission is to destroy the Queen Hive, after all. In order to do that, you’ll have to go through three separate gameplay levels – and each of those levels offers something truly unique.

In the first level, you’ll be searching the premises for areas in which the Aliens seem to be active, with each winning bet line filling your Alien Activity Meter and increasing the overall multiplier. Once you fill that meter – and filling it with the highest possible multipliers will always be ideal – you’ll have to fight through hordes of aggressive aliens. Shooting them down will get you juicy rewards, but you should stay alert, as your ammo isn’t unlimited and as you’ll have to shoot quite a few of them before you get to the Queen Hive.

Once there, however, the last stage of the game will be activated and only the final objective will remain. Yep, you’ll have to destroy the Queen before the hordes of aliens overwhelm you – if you’re lucky enough, however, even a single grenade will do and you’ll be instantly showered with unbelievable amounts of coins!

Summing UpAliens Online Slot

It’s never easy to convert a cult franchise into a cult online slot game, but we believe that Net Entertainment’s latest release has all the right ingredients for becoming the number one hit of 2014. It might be slightly unfair to say that this early, but we’ll be brave and say that others will struggle to outshine the Aliens online slot. It’s not only about the gameplay, which is going to impress you from your very first spin – it’s also about the replayability, which is guaranteed by the three distinct gameplay levels, that will allow the Aliens slot to stay relevant for more than just a few months. It doesn’t matter whether you love the brand or not – this online slot is a must-play for everyone!