The final race of the 2017 season with Mercedes having secured a double world title after Hamilton’s fortunate win in Brazil in the last race

With the Mercedes cars struggling for tyre life in Brazil, Hamilton struggled to match the pace of the resurgent Red Bulls and it was only Verstappen’s unfortunate tangle with Ocon that allowed him to regain the lead and then he was hanging on again at the end

On the new circuit at Yas Marinas we face a three way battle for the last race of the season. The Mercedes have one lap quaifying pace, the Ferrari is very competitive but has under-performed in Vettel’s hand in the second half of the season and the Red Bull with its characteristics of being very gentle on its tyres and its pre-eminent chassis has been able to compensate for its lack of horsepower compared to the front two teams.

This is the 10th Abu Dhabi grand prix and Mercedes have won the last four iterations under the new engine regulations. Once again I am drawn to Bottas, who can’t match Hamilton but with the title won is “owed” a race victory by the team after moving aside for his team-mate in Sochi when the championship was very much alive.

Prices for the race are Vettel 7/4 and Hamilton 9/4 but i do like Bottas at 13/2 with William Hill, most likely with help from his team-mate.