The Over/Under bet is another daunting description for a bet that is enormously simple. Once fully understood, this type of wager provides excellent betting opportunities in football matches where they may not otherwise exist. Adding the over/under bet to a full betting repertoire helps the serious bettor to seek out value and supplement the more traditional bets. Read on to find out more….

What is an Over/Under bet?

An Over/Under bet is an extremely simple market based on the number of goals that will potentially be scored in a particular game. Numerous levels will exist for the market (or match), anywhere from 1.5 goals to 6.5. The ‘half goal’ ensures the bet will always maintain a binary outcome with no draw possible. So a bet on ‘Over 1.5′ would be a winner were 2 or more goals to be scored in that fixture. In the same way, if a bet was struck on ‘Under 1.5′ and the match finished 0-0, the bet would also be a winner.

These bets often open up new avenues for betting. The bettor may, for instance, be struggling to pick a winner from a particular match – but he is confident there will be plenty of goals as both teams struggle in defence and both sets of strikers are in great form. Here then, the bettor can move away from the traditional ‘Match Odds’ market, and strike a bet on ‘Over 3.5′ for example.

Similarly, a tight fixture between two teams struggling to score might tempt a correct score bet on 0-0 – but an ‘Under’ bet would offer a certain amount of insurance against the odd goal.

When to use ‘Overs’ and ‘Unders’.

Spotting value within the Over/Under market is difficult. In the examples above the relative scoring powers of each team is well known – so odds are likely to be low. As with any form of betting then, an opinion that goes against the crowd is likely to provide greater odds.

One potential opportunity is in avoiding the hyperbole surrounding the more eye catching fixtures in the Premier League calendar. Often these clashes turn into tactical, cautious affairs with neither side risking committing too many players forward – a dull, low scoring war of attrition ensues. The pre-match build up however will focus on the super-human scoring powers of the star names on show, and punters will get swept up in the marketing and expect goals, goals, goals. Oppose them.

Keeping an eye on key personnel also presents opportunities. A striker returning from injury may be too obvious, but many sides rely on one or two players to create chances and if they are absent, goals will dry up. If these types of players are due to return for a team going through a ‘dry patch’, check the odds for the ‘Overs’ markets, and bet accordingly.

Overs and Unders betting is a blessing for those bettors who love nothing more than researching the statistics. Historical data for goalscoring will show some glaring trends for particular sides and if the odds are out of step with the previous score-lines, then bets can be struck in absolute confidence that ‘value’ is being offered. Nothing is guaranteed of course, but if a fixture is even money on the ‘Over 2.5′ market, and the teams have been involved in 23 high scoring games against all opponents from their previous 38, then get on!