Betting during an event (‘in-play’ or ‘Live betting’) is a huge growth area for the gambling business, but some punters are still yet to get involved. Here at Betpal, we have come up with a brief guide to betting in running, with advice on when and how to make the most of this very exciting, and rewarding, form of punting.

An Introduction to in-play and Live betting

Most, if not all, betting firms will now offer prices in-play. ‘In-play’ or live betting, simply means betting once an event has started and is under way. The majority of markets will be available in play, but not all. Live betting is a huge growth area in the betting industry, and some firms market themselves as leaders in the field – Bet365 being the highest profile. Betting exchanges such as Betfair and BetDaq however, make it possible to ‘trade’ during an event (as outcomes can be both backed, and laid), and provide an added dimension to betting in-running. The boom in this type of betting has been such that it now represents over one third of the total bets struck in the industry, and this number is set to grow and grow over the coming years.

In-play Betting Germany v SwedenHow to Bet in-play – Prepare

When betting live, the same requirements for research apply. As with any bet, those who take the time to assess all the relevant factors, and calculate some measure of value, will be those who profit most from live betting. Specialising in a particular market can help focus this research, so deciding whether to look at the match winner market, or the total goals, for example, can be beneficial when preparing. Planning for potential changes in the market can also ensure bets are struck with clarity once the action is underway. Scenarios can be worked through, with a view to what they might mean for the odds – an early goal either way, a red card or a key injury for example. A rough plan or guide can then help during the event, by trying to maintain an accurate gauge of value – this becomes increasingly difficult once goals start going in and the odds are updating by the second.

It is also a help to have some idea of what has happened in the past when thinking about the factors that will affect prices. Referees may have a habit of keeping cards in their pocket until later in the game or a team might have become more open once they began to tire in previous matches. Another important consideration is how managers and coaches might react to certain situations. Do they make substitutions at similar times in every game, do they throw on a particular striker, or are they looking to protect certain players before a forthcoming big game? Any insight into the thinking of the coaches can prove to be profitable betting in-play. In the same way, what would be deemed a ‘good result’ for each team? – for example, will the away side settle for a point or press for a winner in the closing stages?

Live Betting Reading v ArsenalIn-Play strategy

Once the action is underway, the advice is rather contradictory – plans made prior to the event need to be considered – but a certain level of flexibility is required to adapt to whatever scenes play out. Once things are up and running, there will be times when the action is intense and prices are changing rapidly – this is the time to fall back on the preparation work, and take advantage of any knee jerk reactions to early incidents. Value remains the key word throughout, so be prepared to move away from any plans if they are quickly made redundant by a scenario unfolding which was not anticipated.

It is also worth keeping an eye on longer term markets, even amid the live action. During the high scoring League Cup matches between Chelsea and Manchester United, and Reading and Arsenal, Chelsea were backed to win the Cup outright at 60/1, and Arsenal, while trailing to Reading 4-0, were backed at a staggering 700/1 . After the final whistle, having won 7-5 in extra time,  they were 7/2 (4.5) favourites in the outright market! A potentially very lucrative trade in roughly 60 minutes of action. As these odds highlight, checking the long term markets in running can prove very profitable.

Live betting conclusions

Planning prior to an event will ensure that any over reactions in the betting markets can be profited from, likewise, they can help make sure focus is not lost when an event gets hectic and volatile prices seem overwhelming – but some adjustment will always be necessary. As with any form of betting, value is the key, and accepting some occasional losses is part of the process. In-play betting offers huge opportunities however, and can be a very profitable method of betting – as well as extremely enjoyable.