Colossus Bets is the brain child of Bernard Marantelli and offers a unique pool betting system that delivers a potential jackpot of £10 million pounds. The correct score coupon offers fun punters the chance to win huge amounts for small stakes and looks set to revolutionise Premier League football betting.

Colossus bets Coupon

Introducing Colossus Bets

Bernard Marantelli is a multiple winner of the Scoop 6 horse racing bet, and he has created a new betting firm – Colossus Bets – to offer a very similar prize, but for football correct scores. He is backing the early prize funds, which total £10 million pounds, with his own money, as he is convinced that the Colossus Bet is the “biggest innovation in betting since Betfair”.

Colossus Bets offer a pooled betting service. So stakes go into the prize fund, and the more tickets sold, the bigger the jackpots. The ‘Colossus’ is the star attraction, with a headline jackpot of £5 million pounds, followed by a bonus jackpot of the same amount the next weekend. So one lucky punter could scoop the lot, for just £2.

There are only pool bets available on the site. It does not offer traditional fixed odds betting and simply offers some simple “jackpot” style bets. In addition to the Colossus, Colossus Bets offers the ‘Pick 6′ that offers a £2 million payout, or the HDA 8 (Home Draw Away) which simplifies selections further. All games revolve around Premier League fixtures, or major European games, and all offer a ‘pooled funds’ prize fund.

On the Colossus, there is a ‘Quick Pick’ button to remove any tough decisions – and it is probability based, so should not throw up obscure, unlikely outcomes. There is also a very strategic option of a ‘cash in‘ feature. This offers punters the chance to cash in any successful tickets part way through the weekend. So if a ticket has five correct scores already, and the bettor has lost complete faith in the final The Colossus biggest betselections, that ticket can be cashed in. In addition, the cash in does not have to be all or nothing. Part of the bet can be cashed in (e.g. 70%) with the rest left to ride. This opens up some tactical options where punters could cover multiple scores in the early games, with a view to cashing out – or back load selections to offer more opportunities should the ticket do well early.

The Colossus Bet looks a really good fun punt for a Premier League weekend. It offers a route in to betting on football for those who might be intimidated by the plethora of options traditional bookmakers provide. Here then, is a very simple correct score predictor, with a chance to win a monumental jackpot. As Marantelli says himself “It is a bet where a few mates throw a tenner in and have fun trying to win big”. Whats not to like? With true odds of picking seven correct Premier League scores coming in at around 850,000/1 and a jackpot of £5 million, what are you waiting for?

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