There are some truly iconic races in motorsport, such as the Daytona 500 and the Le Mans 24, but none stand out quite like the Monaco F1 Grand Prix. The Monaco Grand Prix REALLY separates the men from the boys and is often regarded as “the jewel in F1’s crown”. it features some of the slowest and tightest corners F1 has to offer. Overtaking is next to impossible on the track so a good grid position is essential for winning the race.

The track is certainly one of, if not the, most difficult tracks to negotiate throughout the F1 season. Drivers have to battle against punishing g-forces as they tear down the fast straights into super tight corners at speeds of 290km/h.

Last season Vettel led Ferrari to a one two here after Raikkonen qualified on pole and because the impact of engine power is minimised on the slowest circuit on the calendar it is handling and the chassis that is important. Because of that,and in a front of the field that has bunched up anyway this season in performance terms, this is a genuine six way fight for the win

By winning the last two races, fortunately in Azerbaijan and convincingly in Spain Hamilton now leads Vettel by 17 points going into the race. The Ferrari had tyre problems in Spain and Hamilton appears to be adjusting to a car that is very different to drive compared to last year.

The Red Bulls also have to be considered here, though perhaps if the weather is more questionable as they are unlikely to qualify on the front row of the grid so may need a safety car of wet/dry chaos to make their mark at the front of the field.

Outright prices for the race are as follows with Bet365:

Vettel 7/4
Hamilton 5/2
Ricciardo 5/1
Verstappen 6/1
Bottas 12/1

So the Ferrari’s suitability for the track is factored in to an extent and Hamilton’s price reflects the minimising of Mercedes’ inherent advantage.

At the prices looking at the Red Bull pair has to be interesting with slight preference for Ricciardo given Verstappen’s travails in terms of consistency and crashes